Does HEALWA have [particular database or journal] for [specific practitioner group]?

HEALWA contains evidence-based resources for members of all of the professions that were included in the legislation and more than 5000 full-text journals. If you have particular favorite resources that you would like us to consider, please feel free to let us know!

How do I get access to HEALWA?

You must create a user id and password to access the licensed resources (those indicated by a lock) on HEALWA. To set up your user ID, go to the Getting Started page at https://heal-wa.org/resources/getting-started and follow the directions there. Once your user id is set up you’ll be able to use any of the resources contained in HEALWA without additional passwords.

My profession is not named in the bill that sponsored this project. Can I pay to get access to the items contained in HEALWA?

Unfortunately, there is no provision for individuals who are not members of one of the named professions to get access to the resources contained in HEALWA. This is because access is determined by legislation, and is based on an individual’s being licensed to practice in certain professions named in the bill.

If my profession is not included in the project, what can I do to get access?

We recommend that you contact the Washington State chapter of your professional association. Ask the association’s Governmental Relations committee to lobby the State Legislature for your group to be included, so its members can have access to resources through HEALWA.

Can students in health professions programs use HEALWA?

If a student is already licensed in Washington State in one of the professions named in the legislation, then yes. Access to HEALWA is based on an individual’s being licensed as a health care practitioner in one of the named professions. Unfortunately, however, this does not include students who do not already have a license in one of those professions. We recommend that students contact their institution’s library to learn what information resources and services they provide.