Getting Started

Information about setting up your UW NetID and password

Some resources on HEALWA (indicated by a lock) are governed by license agreements that limit by whom these resources can be used. Access to these resources is provided via a UW NetID and password, and is limited to members of selected groups of health care professionals who are licensed to practice in Washington State.*

If you have already set up your UW NetID and password for HEALWA, simply click on the “Log In” link in the gold box on the main HEALWA page to log in. If you need to set up a UW NetID and password for HEALWA access, choose one of the following options:

  • Create a UW NetID – I do not have a UW NetID, am a member of one of the licensed
    professions listed below, and need to create a UW NetID so I can access HEALWA.
  • Add HEALWA affiliation to your existing NetID – I currently have an active UW NetID, am a member of one of the
    licensed professions listed above, and need to add HEALWA access to my UW NetID.
    NOTE: HEALWA resources are separate from other UW resources, and HEALWA needs to be added separately to your UW NetID in order to use HEALWA resources.

PLEASE NOTE that once you have set up your UW NetID, it may take up to a day for your UW NetID to be recognized so you can log in to HEALWA.

FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? Click here for password reset instructions or call the UW IT Service Center at 206.221.5000.

Other Considerations

  • ARNPs – your eligibility is through your RN license. Please
    register using your RN credential number, not your ARNP credential
  • HEALWA uses the UW NetID system for providing access to HEALWA. You
    are responsible for protecting your password and not sharing it with
  • To log out of HEALWA, simply close your browser.
  • You will need to have an email address on file with DOH for security reasons. More information is provided during the setup process.